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'From Human Resource interlock
to virtual desktop management'
It is a Web-based automation management solution
that can manage virtual environments in an integrated
and efficient manner

Product Overview

Nowadays, many companies are adopting VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) system to prevent the possibility of corporate data leakage fundamentally and consider applying the optimal user computing model according to the latest IT environment change. After the VDI construction, however, IT operators are under heavy load due to the increase of tasks such as user account and authority management, network access management, and virtual infrastructure management. These additional tasks may cause catastrophic confusion to the enterprises’ IT operating environment.
SmartCloudPortal is an One-Stop Management Solution that enables VDI managers, including ones with no expertise, to administer virtual environments with ease. Its main functions are as follows: perfect interlock with enterprises’ personnel system, virtual desktop provisioning processing through wizard function and personnel motivation, intuitive virtual desktop management of organization and user units, various monitoring and reporting functions for analysis and forecasting, and user self-service function via user portal.

Main Functions

VDI Integrated Management / RDSH App Integrated Management

  • - User management by linking personnel information with AD system
  • - Managing virtual desktops and App distribution status / Managing status
    as one integrated view

Virtual Desktop Provisioning Automation

  • - Bulk virtual desktop provisioning processing through pool management wizard function
  • - Automatic virtual desktop allocation / recovery based on corporate personnel change

Personnel Based Virtual Desktop Management

  • - Virtual desktop search and operation management with various criteria (organization / user / type, etc.)
  • - Mapping personnel data and virtual desktop to view the usage status
    by user / organization

User Self-Service

  • - Accessing and controlling allocated virtual desktops from the user portal
  • - Supporting seamless VDI environment service through user self-diagnosis function and detailed information screen


SmartCloudPortal v3.0 Features

  • Significantly improved VM management performance- Management of more than 100,000 VMs
  • Support for Multi Active Directory
  • Various access restrictions and management convenience functions
SmartCloudPortal 과 SmartCloudPortal(Upgrade version)의 주요 특징
Item SmartCloudPortal SmartCloudPortal (Upgrade Version)
Number of VMs Supported - Less than 3000 - More than 100,000
VM Status Information - Portal self-status management (Different from Horizon View) - Accurate (same as Horizon View)
Multi vCenter - Support - Support
Multi Active Directory - Limited support (Support for Multiple Active Directory based on the same personnel data) - Support
Access Restrictions - Menu-based access restrictions
  • - Site-based data access restrictions
    (vCenter, Horizon, Active Directory, Work pool /VM pool)
  • - Menu-based data access restrictions
  • - Button-based data access restrictions
Send Messages - Send a short message - Send department / user / VM pool / VM unit message
VMware Minimum Specification - VMware Horizon 6.0 or higher - VMware Horizon 7.0 or higher
Server Virtualization - Not supported - Scheduled to be supported
Virtualization Environment API
  • - PowerCLI, vSphere Web Service
  • - Limitations of executing concurrent commands when using PowerCLI (Multi Thread)
  • - Largo vAPI Server (Standardized method of RESTful)
  • - Stable simultaneous processing and fast performance
Dashboard - Information such as overall status, Host performance, Datastore usage rate, VM etc. - Overall status, Host performance, Datastore usage rate, VM information, total number of connectors etc.

Introduction Effect

Through the introduction of SmartCloudPortal, you can reduce your workload via VDI infrastructure management and also administer various tasks with ease. SmartCloudPortal enables you to operate and manage series of processes in a single workspace, as well as increase management efficiency by applying an integrated management tool.

Administrator Portal
Providing a consistent, integrated view to the operator to enable efficient virtual environment maintenance including automation and real-time service, monitoring, and seamless failover
User Portal
Providing the service application function based on electronic settlement (virtual desktop application, resource extension, security exceptions, etc.), and Self-Service failure handling function (virtual desktop restart, resetting, diagnosis, and reporting failures etc.), enabling users to adapt easily to changed virtual environment
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