Feelaware has intimate partnerships with well-known domestic and international vendors in various fields and provides a variety of solutions tailored to your needs.


  • VMware
  • DELL
  • Microsoft
  • Quest
  • AKamai
  • ESTsecurity
VMware Site View

VMware, the industry's leading virtualization software company, helps companies simplify IT operations and achieve innovation and development. By virtualizing multiple infrastructures from the data center to the cloud and mobile devices, VMware allows IT to deliver services anywhere, anytime regardless of device. Selected as VMware's premium partner, Feelaware sells VMware products.

Through professional technical staff recognized by VMware, we offer a wide range of services from consulting to maintenance after installation and introduction. Based on a lot of building experience with the latest VMware products, as well as the representative VMware vSphere, we have accumulated know-how on design and operating management tailored to the customer's environment to provide the best service.

DELL EMC Site View

Dell Technologies is a global company that helps enterprises and service providers around the world innovate their existing operating environments and business practices and realize new Information Technology as a Service (ITaaS).

By providing innovative products and services, Dell Technologies helps to not only make your transition to the cloud computing environment faster, but also supports all IT organizations to actively respond to today’s fast-changing business environment. EMC guarantees safe, reliable, and cost-effective business environment through its method of storing, managing, protecting and analyzing key information assets.

Microsoft Site View

As a platform and productivity leader in the Mobile & Cloud field, Microsoft provides innovative cloud and devices in which customers can use with confidence.
Microsoft’s technology is used by approximately 700,000 technology companies around the globe.

Feelaware develops its business through a close partnership with Microsoft in the Cloud field and provides further enhanced technical services by training engineers with technical competencies such as Micosoft's Windows Server.

quest Site View

As a next-generation software company, Quest is committed to making better use of IT in your business and has created a software solution using the community to reduce customers’ IT management time and focus on business innovation. Helping the innovation of data center and rapid introduction of the cloud, Quest provides the expertise, security, and access necessary to grow your data-based business.

Our goal is to continuously provide solutions that have a profound impact on modern business through our global community as a part of the innovation and various efforts for customer satisfaction.

akamai Site View

Akamai is a global leader in contents delivery network (CDN) services, a US company specializing in distributed computing and cloud computing. Delivering 95 exabytes of data to billions of devices each year, Akamai is the world's largest cloud delivery platform with the strongest credibility and allows customers to easily deliver a safe and pleasant digital experience regardless of time, place or device. Akamai offers Web mobile performance enhancement solutions, cloud security solutions, enterprise access solutions, video delivery solutions, and cloud delivery products etc.

이스트시큐리티 Site View

With the goal of becoming a world-class intelligent integrated security provider, ESTsecurity became independent as a subsidiary of East Soft in January 2017. ESTsecurity has entered the security business with the launch of EastSoft's integrated vaccine ALYac. Recognized for service quality and performance, ESTsecurity has secured more than 15 million individual users, many government, educational institutions, multiple corporate customers and has become a leading security company in Korea. It provides various security solutions such as document security solution to prevent illegal document leakage and respond to Ransomware through document centralization and endpoint security solution against APT attack.

디젠트 Site View

Digent is a leading company that provides total fingerprint recognition solutions.

Fingerprints have been recognized as an appropriate means of identifying one's identity for life because they are a unique physical characteristic of an individual. Digent has algorithms, sensors, hardware and software application technologies, and utilize these high-value technologies to develop optimal services and systems that can protect personal information, management and property from Internet hacking.

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