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Talent Recruitment

Concept of Talent

  • Culture

    If you want to be successful both in your work life and personal life, you have to be a talent who can lead a cultural life.
  • Concentration

    First, make a decision about the future. Now that you've decided, just focus on reality. The result depends on luck.
  • Mind

    Even if you are good at the technology, you need to be humble to develop further. If you listen to the opinions of the people around you, you get more opportunities.
  • Value

    To increase our return, we need to increase our value. Businesses that lower prices will eventually reduce the return to us.

Welfare Benefits

  • Business environment support
    • Office environment :Meeting room (PT available), cafeteria,
      refrigerator & coffee machine, wireless internet
    • Supplies : Schedule book, Notebook, Dual Monitor & Keyboard
      (by position)
    • Transportation / commuting : payment of vehicle fuel cost
      (by position), night transportation expenses
    • Business subsidy : sales activity costs, culture, living expenses, communication expenses, job performance costs (by position)
  • Corporate culture support
    • Severance pay, Incentive system, position compensation system
    • Support for various congratulations and condolences
    • Support for in-house clubs
    • Annual leave, Refresh vacation
    • Company-wide workshop / overseas seminar participation
    • On-the-job training (OJT), on-the-job education, leadership training, competency enhancement training, self-development, support for purchase of books
    • Awards for long-term employee :

      - Five years of service: 2-week paid vacation + 2 million won

      - Ten years of service: 1month paid vacation + Monthly salary 200% bonus

      - 15 years of service: 2-month paid vacation + Monthly salary 300% bonus

      - 20 years of service: 3-month paid vacation + Monthly salary 500% bonus

  • Personal life support
    • Selective benefit system (support costs)
    • Support for physical fitness (health, yoga, swimming, etc.) by position
    • Birthday gift
    • Holiday gift

Guide to Recruitment

  • Document Screening
  • Job Interview
  • Executive Interview
  • Medical Checkup
  • Final Pass

Required documents

  • - We prefer you to send an e-mail to the HR representative after downloading our application form (You can also apply with a Saramin resume online.)
  • - Successful executive interview candidates must submit the results of the recruitment medical check-up.

Download application form


Where to submit / inquiry for recruitment

Person in charge of HR : HR@feelaware.com

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